The Stillwater section runs from the Arcola Sandbar - the head of navigation for big boats, to south of Bayport. I claim no geographical logic for where I separate the Stillwater section from the Hudson section. Somewhere south of Bayport is close enough.  By this point, the St. Croix is a big river. The section is home to big enterprises: the Anderson Window factory; the King Power Plant; the new, soon-to-be-open Highway 36 bridge; the tour boat operation in Stillwater - in spite of which it is still a beautiful river.

Harris said, however, that the river would suit him to a "T." I don't know what a "T" is (except a sixpenny one, which includes bread-and- butter and cake AD LIB., and is cheap at the price, if you haven't had any dinner). It seems to suit everybody, however, which is greatly to its credit.

      ― Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat