Chippewa River Project - Steven Sorensen

The Chippewa River

I'm still working on this project.  It's a work in progress.  I want to photograph the river from its source in north-central Wisconsin to where it enters the Mississippi River near Pepin, Wisconsin.


I grew up in Eau Claire, a city bisected by the Chippewa River.  In those days - the 1950s and 1960s - the river was largely ignored.  One drove over it on bridges and paid attention when it was in flood, but that was about it.

Today, it's completely different.  There are bike trails running for miles along the river.  The revitalization of downtown Eau Claire is centered on the confluence of the Chippewa and the Eau Claire River.  College students raft and tube on the river.  The river is now an important part of the city, not just something to get across.

I've spent two years re-acquainting myself with the Chippewa, not just in Eau Claire, but the entire river from the East Fork and West Fork in northern Wisconsin to the mouth of the Chippewa where it mixes with the Mississippi.  This book is a photographic record of my many trips to the river.

I've divided the book into four sections:

     1.  The East Fork Of the Chippewa River

     2.  The West Fork Of the Chippewa River

     3.  The northern half of the Chippewa River

     4.  The southern half of the Chippewa River