Detailed Instructions For Ordering Prints

1.  Click on BUY PHOTOS

2.  Click on <  > to find the photo to be printed 

3.  Click on Paper Prints >

           - to see the photo's meta data, click on the "i" within the small circle

4.  Select print size

5.  Choose a paper finish

6.  Select quantity of prints to order

7.  Click ADD TO CART

8.  Click CONTINUE SHOPPING and repeat the above steps.

      -- OR --


10. Click EDIT CROP to crop the photo

11. Click FINISHING OPTIONS to add matting, framing,  paper texture, or a paper coating.

           -Note:  on the page where the type of frame is selected, the buttons for selecting frame color are inoperable.  You will be able to select frame color on the next  page.

            -Note: as you page through the options, you must choose an option (which can be  "None") in order to continue.

12.  Click BEGIN CHECKOUT to pay with a credit/debit card

      -- OR --

13. Click on PAY WITH PayPal

14.  Review your order

15.  Complete your purchase